The Bridge II by Coca-Cola

The Bridge Builders

The Bridge Builders is a unique Commercialization Program for startups, acting as a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and major global markets.

The Startups

The startups in the program range from early stage to growth startups. They offer software solutions that are ready to commercialize and that fit one of nine core themes: Customer Experience, Supply Chain, Supply Chain - Last mile delivery, Service & Selling - Home Delivery, Service & Selling - future of work, Human Resources, Realty Excellence, Health & Wellness, IT Infrastructure.

The Program

The program lasts seven months and provides tangible commercial guidance. It does so by providing the startups with in-depth marketing training, access to experienced business mentors and connection to Coca-Cola // Turner // Mercedes-Benz business sponsors. The commercialization process includes an opportunity to pilot within Coca-Cola // Turner // Mercedes-Benz and a chance to license the startup’s product to the companies and/or its partners. The program does not require any equity or IP ownership from the startups.

2021 Focus Areas


A focused program for Cyber startups in three main focus areas. Working with the Coca-Cola Cyber Security team to identify, test and scale innovative startup solutions.

executive sponsor:

Derek Benz
Derek Benz

Chief Information Security Officer at The Coca-Cola Company


Coca-Cola is offering select customers, bottlers and partners access to innovative technology solutions to help solve their business needs using the unique commercialization process.

executive sponsor:

Pamela Steward
Pamela Stewart

President, West at The Coca-Cola Company. Chair of Board of Directors - GLAAD