The Bridge II by Coca-Cola

The Bridge

The Bridge is a unique Commercialization Program for startups, acting as a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and major global markets including the US, Europe, Africa/Eurasia and the Pacific.

The Startups

The Bridge startups range from early stage to growth startups. They offer software solutions that are ready to commercialize and that fit one of five core themes: Consumer Engagement, Consumer Retail, Supply Chain, Marketing Innovation and Health & Wellness.

The Program

The program lasts six months and provides tangible commercial guidance. It does so by providing the startups with in-depth marketing training, access to experienced business mentors and connection to Coca-Cola business sponsors. The commercialization process includes an opportunity to pilot within Coca-Cola and a chance to license the startup’s product to Coca-Cola and/or its partners. The Bridge does not require any equity or IP ownership from the startups.


Company Theme

Marketing innovation

Company Overview

For media buyers who are under increasing pressure to deliver better ROIs for their clients and are hamstrung by the unpredictability of the current ad market, Advestor is the first ad stock exchange that allows you to minimize your media risks while still ensuring quality inventory.

Advestor’s innovative reservation system takes the digital advertising industry to its next natural level. It is the only platform to offer hedging capabilities that enables you to reserve quality inventory at optimal prices and exercise only the volume that's needed when you need it. This leads to greater media productivity and a higher return on investments.

Amir Bahalul

Co-founder & CEO
I have been living and breathing the ad-tech industry since 2011, when we began our market research and filed our provisional patent request (US-PTO). In the capacity of developing the product, I have met a number of international ad-network and ad-tech companies and consulted with industry executives, media buyers, team leaders, and technical staff to gain expertise in every aspect of the ad-tech market, from business to technical.

B. Sc. E. E. from the Technion.


Company Theme

Health and Wellness

Company Overview

AidBits is a cloud-based monitoring and evaluation platform designed for organizations in the non-profit sector to learn from their data in order to maximize the impact of the funds they receive. It is designed for organizations who collect and analyze large amounts of project and beneficiary data from numerous and distributed stakeholders. AidBits provides an easy, affordable and secure method to allow organizations to collect, analyze and share data. The platform improves the ability of organizations to fundraise by helping them create more value for money by increasing their efficiency and transparency, and enhances collaboration and sharing of information between stakeholders and partners.

Feras Nasr

Co-founder & CEO
Feras has over 14 years of experience in a variety of technical, managerial and leadership roles in North America and the Middle East. Prior to founding AidBits, Feras managed iConnect Tech, a 50-employee software development outsourcing company. His experience also includes managerial and leadership roles at Q9 Networks, ASAL Technologies, and the World Bank Group's Development Gateway. Feras holds an MBA in the Management of Technology and Innovation from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and a Master of Computer Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.


Company Theme

Consumer Engagement

Company Overview

For sponsors/organizers of live events who are continually looking for ways to create unique, neverseen-before experiences that will deepen their relationships with their audience and sear longlasting memories, BePart is the only total engagement tool that integrates the crowd into the actual event on stage, transforming them from spectators to participants.

With BePart event-goers’ mobile phones become theatrical devices that combines and completes the event on stage. Additionally, BePart offers sponsors/organizers the opportunity to extend the audience experience pre and post event by offering customizable, unique branded content.

Ran Beit-On

Co-founder & CTO
Ran has over 10 years of software and system engineering experience including leading development teams in large scale, multi-million dollar projects.

Ran has gathered a significant amount of experience in large scale projects in the hi-tech defense industry and is now implementing his knowledge as part of the leadership team of BePart.


Company Theme

Consumer Engagement

Company Overview

Cimagine injects 3D content seamlessly into reality using mobile devices and wearables. The company's augmented reality (AR) crossplatform solution, enables consumers to use their smart devices to visualize products in life-like 3D, at a click of a button, in their homes or at the store. In addition, the Cimagine solution can be used to support sales personnel in the store by expanding the physical showroom as well as helping boost on-line campaigns. By providing engaging and innovative experiences, the company aids retailers and brands to increase conversion rates and sales.

Nir Daube

Co-Founder & VP Product
Nir co-founded Cimagine in 2012 with the vision of revolutionizing the shopping experience by providing a tool to visualize products in any location in the most realistic way possible. Nir is responsible for setting the company’s marketing and product strategy. Before cofounding Cimagine he was VP of Products at Telco Systems where he is credited for leading the change from a product company to a solution provider. He has also served in various international R&D and product management positions at BATM and CERN.


Company Theme

Consumer Engagement

Company Overview

CoolaData develops an end-to-end cloud based analytics and BI for online businesses in a single platform. CoolaData replaces a wide spectrum of analytics and BI tools.

We created CoolaData with one goal in mind – to ease complex business analysis in a big data environment, in a single platform, in real-time and most importantly, for any scale of online activity.

CoolaData tracks, collects, enriches, stores and analyzes billions of daily data events without the need for a data warehouse in your premises. Founded in 2012, with offices in Tel Aviv and NYC.

Tomer Ben Moshe

CEO and Co-Founder
Moshe spent several years at Amdocs, where he built a variety of new business lines. He served as a Vice President of the Content, Search and Advertising business units at Amdocs. After that he co-initiated and served as Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer of Amdocs Cloud Services. Before Amdocs he served as the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Israel, where he worked closely with software vendors, startups and the developer community. At Microsoft, he led the solutions and technology group, worked with ISV and VCs, and developed the BI Portal 2003. Mr. Moshe co-founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of Redloopmedia, a Chinese mobile advertising network. He is a graduate of Bar Ilan University’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and of MAMRAM, the Israeli Defense Force’s central computing unit.


Company Theme

Consumer Engagement

Company Overview

Fusic is a social video platform that takes the selfie and Karaoke to the next step.

The fusic app lets users create a video of themselves singing or lip-syncing duets with their favorite artists, by integrating themselves into the original clip, inviting their friends to join their video and share to all social channels.

Available as a free app on iOS and Android.

Liat Sade-Sternberg

Liat Sade-Sternberg Has over 13 years of experience in the executive direction of global high-tech companies.

Liat served as VP of Marketing and Sales at and was responsible for successful launches of Babylon free model and Babylon Mobile Apps.


Company Theme

Consumer Engagement

Company Overview

Homage is a video technology company with the mission to change the way all of us interact with content.
Our patent pending technology extracts the user’s videos from his background without the need of a “green screen” running real time on the mobile device. Fans of entertainment businesses ,TV broadcasters and brands become story heroes by taking part in the content itself.

Homage in addition recently released Emu - A keyboard app that allows users to create his own set of personalized stickers, Emu was selected as one of the first partners of Facebook messenger platform.

Tomer Harry

Co-founder & CEO
Tomer co-founded Homage in 2013 with a vision of changing interaction between users and content owners.
Over 10 years of experience in software management, former group manager at Retalix - leading over 20 developers and implementations experts. Responsible for multi-million dollars projects, including successful deployment at Walgreens.
Tomer holds a B.Sc. com-laude in information systems from the Technion.
He is a happily married father with three amazing boys.


Company Theme

IT Simplification

Company Overview

IsItYou’s face recognition technology allows users to authenticate themselves easily and efficiently using their smart devices. Our solution offers both low false reject and low false acceptance rates, which incorporates our unique anti-spoofing technology, preventing unauthorized access to services. It increases both security and convenience for any service’s users. It’s a powerful and user friendly product that can work as a standalone, in-device authentication utility, or as part of multi-factor authentication, using the smartphone as the terminal.


Co-founder & CEO
There has always been a chasm between innovations in technology and in delivering technological innovations that actually benefit people. Bridging the gap between the new and the useful has been Benjamin's focus over the last twenty-five years. He’s helped bridge the gap between technology and people in fields as varied as phone network value added services and smart cities.
Benjamin is an avid photographer, hiker, and an enthusiastic (if amateur) beer-maker. His favorite line of poetry comes from Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet: "Try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language."


Company Theme

Supply Chain

Company Overview

n-Join revolutionizes the world of industrial manufacturing, transforming every factory into a smart factory. The company's plug-and-play technology converts industrial Internet of Things data into actionable insights, empowering its clients to attain the highest levels of efficiency, quality, and yield - all while minimizing waste output and overall environmental impact.

Haim Piratinskiy

Co-founder & CEO
Haim Piratinskiy is a veteran business executive with deep knowledge of industrial systems architecture and experience managing multinational development teams. His professional endeavors have included establishing and leading global industrial software development departments focusing on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), as well as process control systems for large-scale automation projects.