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Company Overview

Organizations protect the sensitive documents they are aware of, but out-of-sight documents are left unprotected and may fall into the hands of insiders and hackers. Furthermore, current security controls are inaccurate and may result in business obstruction and user alienation. DocAuthority automatically discoversand accurately identifies all of the organizational sensitive documents. Thus, it enables the protection of all of the sensitive documents without any degradation of user productivity.

Ariel Peled

Co-Founder & CEO
Ariel Peled is a co-founder and the CEO of DocAuthority. He is a pioneer in the information security software market and was the first to introduce a DLP product and file DLP patents. In 2000 Ariel founded PortAuthority, which was later acquired by Websense. The DLP product Ariel developed at PortAuthority is still a major piece in Websense’s offering today, ten years after the sale. Earlier Ariel held various positions at Microsoft.

In 2006, Ariel founded Nogacom, an Automatic Document Classification company, and served as its Co-CEO until May 2010. Ariel filed 25 patents and served as the president of Israel’s ISSA chapter from 2003 till 2012.

Ariel holds a B.Sc. degree in computer engineering from the Technion.


Company Overview

vBrand’s platform utilizes advanced image recognition technology, along with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) based on deep learning applications, to determine sports sponsorship media valuations across linear TV, digital TV, the web and social media. The platform automatically and accurately detects on a frame-by-frame basis, whenever the sponsor’s logo is visible to the human eye, while simultaneously weighing factors impacting each sponsor appearance, such as noting aspects, exposure time, size and image clarity. The platform then analyzes all that data in real time, thereby enabling the immediately value measurement and optimization of the media assets.

Eli Ben David

Co-Founder & CEO
Founded vBrand with a passion to push the boundaries of how digital video is discovered, measured and monetized.

Eli brings 10 years of experience working for global hi-tech and media companies, holding positions of Business development, Product Management and Digital Marketing. Eli holds an MBA, Global Consulting Program Wharton Business School and IDC and a B.Sc. Cum Laude in Computer Science and Economics from Tel-Aviv university.


Company Overview

Today, being able to predict consumer behavior is key to building brands and staying competitive. However this is a highly specialized, cumbersome and time-consuming process – often taking months. With Endor, marketers can get the insights they need in a matter of hours. Endor’s analytical engine is based on a revolutionary new science discovered at MIT called Social Physics. Simply put, Social Physics is a set of mathematical laws that govern how groups of people behave. Using these established patterns, rather than having to detect patterns as most analytic tools do, Endor can predict consumer behavior and trends quickly and can do so with limited data. This means, the answers needed to ensure the vitality of your business are just a query away.

Doron Alter

Co-Founder & CEO
Before founding Endor, Doron was a partner at Eric Shcmidt's VC Innovation Endeavors, where he focused on discovering, investing and supporting brilliant entrepreneurs in Israel. Doron holds an MBA from Stanford GSB and a BA in economics from Tel-Aviv University.


Company Overview

Lofic aims to reshape the way User Generated Music Content (UGC) is created, by turning every device, with a “simple” microphone, into a high quality music studio. Lofic’s platform (iOS, Android and web) connects musicians from all over the world and enables them to record quality music together by simply using their smartphones. The platform is basically a collaborative music studio which is in your pocket and offers a vast musical stage for hobbyist and professional musicians, to create, share and grow their fan-base.

Tarek Issa

Tarek has over 8 years of software engineering, specializing in mobile applications.

Tarek has a vast experience in big organizations (like Philips - Medical Systems) and successful startups (like TVinci), always passionate for new and innovative technologies


Company Overview

Pixellot is a leading provider of fully automated sportscasting solutions for the professional and amateur sports market; enabling clubs, venues and media companies to produce TV grade sports content at an affordable price. Pixellot’s unique technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a single, fixed rig covering the entire field and offering a stitched panoramic image. The ultra-high resolution footage is made available to the end user either as conventional webcast or as surround video for the second screen. Fans can now enjoy an interactive viewing experience with the capability to navigate in time and space, as well as edit and share content. Pixellot systems are deployed by sport portals, production companies, broadcasters, leagues, federations and coaching solution providers around the globe.

Olivier Attali

VP Sales
Olivier brings with him 20 years of international experience in sales & marketing, business development, strategy and management positions.

Olivier served as VP Sales at LiveU and established from “scratch” the entire sales infrastructure and brought the company to market leader position with hundreds of systems deployed worldwide in major broadcasters. He served also as Deputy General Manager in the Broadband Access division of ECI Telecom Ltd (NASDAQ: ECIL). He is responsible for bringing one of ECI’s most strategic customer, with overall sales of over $500M. Olivier held several senior positions at Meteo-Logic, Intercast Networks, Axis Mobile (LSE: AXIS.L) and Siemens France (NYSE: SI).

Olivier holds an M.Sc in Electronics from Paris VI University.


Company Overview

Newsfusion creates new apps for superfans. Our apps are a primary content source & meeting place for the superfans – people who cannot get enough of a particular topic. While there are many content apps on mobile, those superfans - the top 20% who generate the most purchases, engagement and influence - are surprisingly underserved. We create vertical apps that give them everything they need and desire: relevant news, videos, discussions and interactions with other fans and more. Focused on a scalable media operation, we're already serving over a 100 superfan niches.

Nati Berkover

Co-founder of Newsfusion, Nati is a veteran of an elite Israeli Navy R&D unit and a Technion alumnus. Bringing deep technological expertise in data fusion and distributed systems, Nati and the team have turned their attention to creating the deep technological stack which allows Newsfusion to be the first tech-first, scalable media company.


Company Overview

Platica (‘Conversation’ in Spanish) allows people to access services and content using natural language conversation. Our vertical artificial intelligence bots enable brands to create a new communication channel that's natural for humans to interact with, is available 24/7, and is located where people already spend most of their online time: IM and chat apps. We believe conversation is the new UX. An ongoing dialogue between customers and brands increases loyalty, reduces frustration and churn, offloads customer care representatives, and creates unique opportunities for upsell. It's time to move beyond the outdated app model, towards a more human mode of interaction.

Noa Levy

Co-founder & CEO
She is in charge of vision, product, sales and chocolate. Before starting Platica, Noa held various engineering, system architecture and product management roles, managing teams across continents, languages and time zones. Noa holds a BA in computer science and psychology from Tel Aviv University, and an MBA from INSEAD. She is a proud mother of 3 kids who love interacting with the bots that Platica builds.


Company Overview

We believe every touchpoint is an opportunity. At Visualead we are passionate to turn “the being and seeing” into meaningful presence that triggers senses, emotions and sense of belongingness. Visualead is a software company focused on technologies that transform a presence into an engaging and secure touchpoint between consumers, manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and brands.

Eli Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO
Eli Cohen joined Visualead in 2015, bringing with him over 15 years in global hi-tech companies. Now driving Visualead's product strategy and translates the team's innovative ideas into market-leading O2O products.

Before joining Visualead, he led the product management in Retalix, brought a new mobile product to market as VP Product at a technology startup, and managed strategic product lines and innovation strategy at Amdocs. As a Major, Eli served as Head of Logistics at an Israeli Air Force unit.