The Bridge II by Coca-Cola

The Bridge Builders

The Bridge Builders is a unique Commercialization Program for startups, acting as a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and major global markets.

The Startups

The startups in the program range from early stage to growth startups. They offer software solutions that are ready to commercialize and that fit one of nine core themes: Customer Experience, Supply Chain, Supply Chain - Last mile delivery, Service & Selling - Home Delivery, Service & Selling - future of work, Human Resources, Realty Excellence, Health & Wellness, IT Infrastructure.

The Program

The program lasts seven months and provides tangible commercial guidance. It does so by providing the startups with in-depth marketing training, access to experienced business mentors and connection to Coca-Cola // Turner // Mercedez-Benz business sponsors. The commercialization process includes an opportunity to pilot within Coca-Cola // Turner // Mercedez-Benz and a chance to license the startup’s product to the companies and/or its partners. The program does not require any equity or IP ownership from the startups.


Company Overview developed a pioneering deep learning platform that provides a complete product lifecycle management solution for deep learning development, quality control, & production, focused on perception and signal data. The company’s platform offers a total data, experiment & resource management solution, lowering costs, increasing speed, and enabling higher-quality product output at scale - for solutions in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, security cameras, logistics, and others.

Nir Bar-Lev

Nir is the CEO and co-founder of Nir brings more than two decades of technology and business leadership experience. Prior to Allegro, Nir spent a decade at Google in senior leadership roles, most recently as the General Manager of BebaPay – a mobile payments solution. Prior to that, Nir served as the product lead for all of Google’s Search Advertising in EMEA as well as other leadership roles at Google. Nir is a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School MBA graduate, an experienced engineer and an IDF elite technology unit alumnus.


Company Overview

For marketers who want to ensure they have the most impactful digital campaigns. Brand Total is the compass that will point you to a better digital strategy by giving you full exposure to your, and your competitors, online activities (and automatically providing actions for improvement). Only Brand Total tracks public and dark campaigns across channels to give a holistic picture of your efforts and the competitive landscape in which you’re playing. All of this is done in real-time so you can easily plan and adjust your communications to seize opportunities and counter threats, giving you a greater competitive advantage.

Omer Ramote

& Chief Architect
Omer has over 12 years of experience in developing large-scale data analysis systems. Prior to BrandTotal, he led concept projects in Microsoft’s innovation labs and was the software architect for a green energy startup. Omer is a veteran of IDF’s elite intelligence corps tech squad, where he specialized in complex cyber-related systems. Omer holds a BSc and Msc in Bioinformatics from Tel – Aviv University and Weizmann Institute of Science.


Company Overview

For any business reliant on publishing any type of content at scale (text, rich media, images, ads), Comovid's automated video engine releases the true traffic and revenue generating potential of video. In less than 5 minutes, and in one click to any url, Comovid's technology can transform any static content into compelling video that dramatically increases viewer engagement, click throughs, and conversion rates. With an average of 3bn (VAST-compliant) video views per month, Comovid has already made professional grade video available to content providers at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Ron Harari

CEO & Co-Founder
Ron is the CEO and Co-founder of Comovid, A.I automated video platform. Ron has extensive experience both in the startup and enterprise world. Prior to Comovid, Ron was the executive site manager for Jive Software Israeli development & innovation center. Before Jive, he was VP of products and GM of the communications business unit at Perion as well as GM of mobile advertising group. Before joining Perion, Ron worked at ICQ / AOL for more than ten years and was a member of the management team from 2005. During those years, Ron was VP products, operations, and VP of web R&D. Prior to working at ICQ, Ron served in a range of positions at Walla Communications (Israel’s leading portal) and for the Government of Israel. Ron also served as an Advisory Board Member for a variety of companies.


Company Overview

For anyone who ever needed to communicate with their employees, customers, and partners and felt frustrated with the common, boring and stale assets we use today. fleeq recreated the video to be as simple as crafting a powerpoint deck, and yet powered with unique technology that enables real-time remote control, localization, and tracking. Literally delivering on the promise of video for the rest of us. With more than 10,000 teams on the platform, fleeq is leveraged in numerous knowledge networks like partners training, compliance education, employee onboarding, and much more.

Shai Wolkomir

Shai is a co-founder of fleeq and brings over 20 years of engineering, research, and marketing experience. Before fleeq Shai co-founded Elasticode, which delivered user experience optimization in the realm of mobile. Previously, Shai led research and product teams in Checkpoint and RSA.

Glean Labs

Company Overview

Glean Labs is an automatic employee competency platform for large R&D organizations. By integrating with the customer’s operational and collaboration systems, Glean’s ML algorithms can automatically identify employees’ knowledge, skills, and experience.
Glean Labs’ first evidence-based data layer of employee competencies helps companies transform organizational processes by turning expensive guesswork into data-driven decision-making.

Arik Waldman

Before founding Glean Labs, Arik served as Director of Product Management at, the world’s leading website creation platform. As an entrepreneur and startup enthusiast, Arik founded several startups in Israel and in the United States, and worked with numerous startups from seed to post-IPO stage as Team Manager at BDO Consulting Group. Arik holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a B.A. in Business Economics from UCLA.


Company Overview

KonnecTo is a unique consumer intelligence platform that combines the deep, up close and personal detail of qualitative, with the scalability and reliability of quantitative. Proudly transparent about data collection, we build data communities in the hundreds of thousands who knowingly allow us to collect and synthesize 20+ million independent behaviors recorded from every connected device and platform they use on a daily basis, from their browser and Alexa to their smartwatch. KonnecTo enables you to know your consumers with an unprecedented level of intimacy and confidence that enables new disruptions or interventions in their purchase journeys, unparalleled competitive analytics, as well as identifying previously hidden new product and market opportunities.

Erez Nahom

Erez has extensive experience both in the data profiling and in enterprise automation world. Before KonnecTo, Erez served as an Automation Team leader in Vonage and was leading the automation efforts of the company's mobile product.
Prior to joining Vonage, Erez served five years as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence elite unit- 8200 (The Israeli NSA), where he was responsible for managing the product and delivery of high-quality real-time data analysis and prediction platforms.


Company Overview

Talamoos is an easy-to-implement and cost effective end-to-end prediction platform that instantaneously understands consumers behavior and predicts what they will most likely enjoy or do next. Talamoos’ new technology can analyze vast amounts of complex behavioral data, recognize preference patterns, and recommend content or merchandise – all in real time. Until now, this ability was out of reach for most organizations. Now, with Talamoos, you’ll know what your customers want before they do so you can better meet their needs and maintain a competitive advantage.

Rubi Boim

Rubi is the CEO and Founder of Talamoos prediction platform. Before founding Talamoos he was a faculty member in the Computer Science department at Tel-Aviv University.
His research and PhD focused on Machine Learning, Prediction Systems and their practical implementations in large scale organizations. Rubi is also a former programmer of an elite software unit in the Israeli Air-Force.


Company Overview

TrenDemon is helping marketers prove and improve their content marketing ROI. On average, only 10-15% of the content companies produce and promote actually affects their revenue. TrenDemon automatically maps the buyer's journey, and using its proprietary attribution engine, identifies those effective 15%. Furthermore, by leveraging real-time personalization, TrenDemon can also optimize journeys in real time to improve marketing ROI.

Avishai Sharon

Avishai, CEO and Co-Founder at TrenDemon, has extensive experience in leading teams and building solutions in the online space. Prior to TrenDemon, Avishai founded GISight, an online solutions development firm, working with Fortune 500 companies. Before GISight, Avishai served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force and headed a department in the Ministry of Defense.


Company Overview

Verifyoo goes beyond existing biometric identity authentication solutions. Only Verifyoo’s unique “touchprints” authenticate user identity through actual physical and inherent user behavior that cannot be stolen, hacked, transferred, forged or lost. Unlike biometrics, touch prints will work on any mobile device, can be stored centrally in the cloud and are GDPR compliant, removing the need for vulnerable OTP’s, while enhancing the user experience, reducing costs, and increasing transactions.
With Verifyoo, actions speak louder than passwords.

Roy Dalal

Roy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Verifyoo, where he utilizes his rich managerial and technical expertise to lead the company to success. He holds a degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Technology, both from Bar Ilan University, and served six years in the IDF in an elite technological unit where he led the design and development of operational systems in the field of electronic warfare. Prior to co-founding Verifyoo, Roy was four years in CyberArk as a Security Architect, overseeing the application security of the company's leading product suite."