The Bridge II by Coca-Cola


The Bridge by Coca-Cola is a unique Commercialization Program for startups, acting as a Bridge between the entrepreneurial community and all major global markets including to Latin America, the US, Europe, Africa/Eurasia, and Pacific. The program initiated in 2014 working with 10 Israeli entrepreneurs hosted in Tel Aviv and in 2016 launched in Latin America hosted in Mexico City.


The Bridge startups range from early stage to growth startups. They offer software solutions that are ready to commercialize and fit six core themes: Consumer Engagement, Consumer Retail, Supply Chain, Demand Management, Marketing Innovation, and Health & Wellness.


The program delivers tangible value to startups through two main channels: commercialization training highlighting the importance of storytelling, marketing, branding & pitching, and with engagement opportunities to showcase their solutions and technologies directly to key decision makers within The Coca-Cola System: our bottling partners, business units, customers & partners. There is no financial investment as part of the program and no equity requirement of the startups, and they also maintain full ownership of their technology’s IP.



“THE FASTEST SHIPPING FOR ONLINE SHOPPING” Delivery company that delivers extremely fast making your online shopping experience something amazing. 99 minutes focuses on delivery with multiple types of vehicles, among different cities and live tracking. 99 minutos helps almost all stores deliver their products in a matter of minutes. The solution is based on automated algorithms that makes it one of the fastest delivery companies in the world.

99 minutos also offers delivery data and shipping analytics with a live feed and unique information that will help every seller reach their ideal customer.


Founder & CEO
Born, Jan 1988. Industrial engineer. First successful company created at 18, wrote and published a novel at 23. Created at 27. Experience in logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing.


Company Overview

Hitsbook is a "video consumer engagement platform" designed for connecting brand media with their audiences.
Currently, considered like the most powerful software on the market (technology developed in-house) which accelerates the connection between media/brands with their natural consumer targets through video engagement campaigns, Hitsbook has assembled the largest Spanish speaking video creators community, with more than 105,000 video creators from 12 countries.

Juan Jose Artero

Highly accomplished B2B2C marketing sales expert in media companies. Strong expertise in media, branding, new product development, achieving sales targets, managing seasoned multifunctional teams. Passionate about entrepreneurship and diving innovation: Love exploring uncharted territory while constantly pushing the boundaries in order to achieve my goals.

Javier Nievas

IT consultant and Full Stack Web developer for years. Always trying to use edge tools and technology on all my projects.
IT Engineer + Degree on Computers & Network Engineering. Linux lover. Techy freak. Mastering things such Clouds, HTML5, Python, Django, GIT...



Real World Analytics
At KLUSTERA, we leverage wireless technologies in order to help our clients understand how their users navigate the physical world.

Pablo Martínez Flores

Data scientist, growth hacker and entrepreneur. Passionate about startups and data visualization. I became an entrepreneur to pursue the vision of a relevant, value-generating marketing industry in which a better customer experience is made possible by the power of Data Science.

Karlo Valentín Rodríguez

Natural-born hacker, maker and serial entrepreneur. Experienced in Big Data and Hardware startups. Winner of a full grant for the Singularity University GSP. Always thinking about ways to challenge the status quo via the research and development of new technologies.


Company Overview connects people in developing markets to the internet and digital economy. After downloading the free Android app, users see news, entertainment, and advertising on their lock screens in exchange for free airtime top-ups. Users see an average of 86 pieces of content a day and are rewarded for seeing and engaging with content and for completing simple tasks like answering a quiz or downloading an app.

Joel Phillips & Isaac Phillips

Co-founders and brothers, Isaac and Joel Phillips have a synergistic combination of skills. Joel is CEO, running operations in Mexico City. Joel is a visionary project manager with an analytical background (Columbia University, Economics) who also studied digital media production. Isaac leads sales and has been building mobile apps since 2009, has a wide international telecom experience, and specializes in digital intelligence.


Company Overview

PRYSMEX develops industrial wearable technology specialized in monitoring the personnel’s safety. Our first device attaches to hardhats and provides real time information regarding worker location tracking and environmental hazards such as acid gases, VOCs, fall detection, unsafe light, noise and temperature levels. Our software centralizes the information on a single user-friendly application that enables companies understand their plant’s operating conditions, and can even predict and detect industrial accidents and illnesses.

Susana Ruiz Lozano

Founder & COO
Chemical Industrial Engineer graduated from ITESM with expertise in project administration and manufacturing processes, and a certificate in International Business of East Asia. She has administrated international projects in Asia and a BASF innovation project.

Patricio de Villa Zabroky

Founder & COO
He has experience in the industries of mining and construction. Studied Civil Engineering in ITESM, and programs in Ruby and Javascript. He has experience on international business, representing a Mexican mining company in Asia on a commercialization project.

Patricio de Villa Zabroky

Founder & Product Development Director
Studied Digital Systems and Robotics Engineering with a Master degree in Intelligent Systems at ITESM. He worked in diverse research projects in Mexico’s Northeast National Robotic Laboratory with embedded systems, electronic design, and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Company Overview

We are the science for retail, we enhance store employee performance and research consumer profile and behavior using surveillance cameras. Our mission is to provoke magical shopping experiences in the stores.

We believe that magical shopping experiences are the product of Experience Design and Seamless Execution. We focus on achieving both.
Our service is comprised by two technologies: Store Intelligence and VShopper. Store Intelligence is comprehensive customer profile and behavior study and VShopper is a tool to measure retail operations execution in stores.

Using Shopology companies achieve shopping experience that’s adapted to their product and customers needs and that’s really achieved in the store.


Carlos is an Industrial and Systems Engineer that has been working with retailers for over 7 years.
He has research experience at the Massachussets Institute of Technology and has provided retail intelligence services to more than 1,500 Stores in Mexico. His passion is to innovate and transcend as a Mexican global entrepreneur.


Company Overview

Synapbox is a self service platform that makes gathering consumer intelligence easy, accurate and actionable by integrating the most advanced emotional facial coding, eye tracking, machine learning, and behavior analytics. Our technology works through any device with a frontal webcam and our focus is to offer actionable data that helps our clients make smart and fast decisions about their investments on media.


Neurotechnology experience applied to creative industries, working as a research affiliate in Paris.


Trained software developer with experience working for Toyota, RedBull, BlackBerry and MSI + nanodegree in data analysis.


Computer engineer, experienced entrepreneur and previous research affiliate on UX and entrepreneurship at MIT and CTL


Company Overview

Verifik app provides media in trade marketing audit and research as well as product and concept testing through a web/app platform. With smartphone penetration exceeding 60% in Mexico, we are able to reach every corner of the country, rewarding thousands of people for their work. On the launch phase we are focusing on media auditing, but our vision goes beyond. We believe we can provide services of great value such as checking brands, equipment for competitive invasion, and other Trade Marketing and execution tasks such as price, product display/promotion at the point of sale.

Answers by our crowdsource community to our customers’ requests range from 2 hours to 1 week, depending on the task’s complexity. This provides reliable, fast and actionable data and information to act upon quickly.


Founder & CEO
Creative, thinker, well connected, relentless
25+ years in the advertising industry, now turned serial entrepreneur.


Co-Founder & CDO
Creative, problem-solver, leader, relentless
Digital Master, strategy, creative and media, delivering outstanding results.


Co-Founder & CTO
Tech Leader creating digital products. has worked in Mexico, US and Germany with his own company, focusing on Startups.


Company Overview

Vioozer enables users and entities to know what’s happening somewhere remote, by simply asking for the information they need.
Their request for information is anonymously routed to mobile users located at (or walking into) that location, best positioned to provide an accurate up-to-date response with text, image or video.

The information provided by Vioozer is ‘Generated on demand’ unlike existing information found on Search Engines, Social Media or Review services.

Vioozer goes to market by partnering with leading consumer oriented services, offering SDKs/ White-labeled applications + web based activity monitoring and Wide-Area survey tools.


Co- Founder
David is an entrepreneur with background in large enterprise Business development, International Marketing, Strategic Consulting, R&D management and Systems development, with an emphasis on advanced location based, electro optical and user interface systems.


Uri is an Entrepreneur with rich experience in team leading, Project management and business development for complex user-oriented systems. He initiated several innovative programs, led development teams and business development efforts involving state of the art technological systems.


Company Overview

Xeltia is a startup company focused on developing high impact products using innovative technologies such as electronic token devices, multi-platform apps, mobile devices and geolocation. The company was born with the mindset of creating products using the latest technologies to make a difference on social fields.

We created Xeltia Delivery with the primary goal to create a revamped workflow for order management, featuring easy order placement, preparation and delivery of products, goods or services to end consumers or retailers such as grocery stores, convenience stores or large establishments to avoid stockouts.


Miguel has 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur and top executive in Information Technology areas, including activities like business process design, marketing services, and entrepreneurship. In the past, he has launched several software and mobile technologies.